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"As the church goes, so does the Nation"

Mike Winther stated, "As the church goes, so does the Nation". Did you know that our founders adopted their ideas for our Constitution from their colonial pastors? Those pastors talked quite frequently from the pulpit on governmental affairs. If we are going to remain a free country and a free people, we must get back to our biblical roots. This needs to begin with educating ourselves about what the Bible says about governmental affairs. Until we do, we cannot truly defend our Nation.”

July is one of my favorite months. Linda and I have hosted the town’s 4th of July parade for decades. I love our country, and it blesses my heart to see the patriotism in our town. Sadly, much of our culture has lost any sense of patriotism.

John Adams asserted, “It becomes necessary to every [citizen] then, to be in some degree a statesman, and to examine and judge for himself of the tendency of political principles and measures. Let us examine, then, with a sober, a manly . . . and a Christian spirit; let us neglect all party [loyalty] and advert to facts; let us believe no man to be infallible or impeccable in government any more than in religion; take no man’s word against evidence, nor implicitly adopt the sentiments of others who may be deceived themselves or may be interested in deceiving us” (Emphasis Mine).

November is just three short months away. I pray that every Christian will seriously take their responsibility to get informed and vote biblically. We also need to pray that God would expose any fraud, both past and present, and that we can turn our nation around.

Pastor Gary

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