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Pastoral Retreat


Crossroads Pastoral Retreat is a one-bedroom, fully equipped, secluded cottage located on the property of Crossroads Chapel in Lucerne Valley, California. It offers a relaxing place for Foursquare pastors within the Inland Empire/Desert Region to get away for a no-cost, one to three day spiritual retreat. All amenities are included, and there is a collection of books and music conducive to a spiritual retreat. The cottage has a peaceful atmosphere, tucked away amongst its desert surroundings.

Crossroads Chapel would like to offer pastors in the Inland Empire/Desert Region of Foursquare Churches a place to get away for a little Rest, Relaxation, and Restoration. Located in Lucerne Valley, on the backside of the mountains to Big Bear, is a small desert community and a Foursquare church called Crossroads Chapel. The church owns a fully furnished, quaint, one-bedroom cottage, secluded in the back portion of the property. There is a prayer garden and wood porch for sitting, drinking coffee, and reading your Bible. 

The High Desert offers beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Fall and spring months can be pleasant while winter can get fairly cold and windy. During the summer months temperatures can become quite uncomfortable (thus morning and evenings are the best times of the day to be out), but one can always take a short 20-minute drive to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation in the mountains. The desert offers a beauty of its own, and it is no wonder that Jesus would often remove Himself and go to a solitary place to spend time with the Father.

It is our desire to provide Foursquare pastors a place to be refreshed. Ministry has many challenges and the need to break away from the pressures and simply be quiet before the Lord is essential for the long-term health and endurance of a pastor. Often, however, it is difficult for pastors to find adequate accommodations at an affordable price. For this reason, we at Crossroads want to support the work of God, by making our accommodations at no cost for Foursquare pastors within the Inland Empire/Desert Region of the Foursquare Church. To book your stay at Crossroads Pastoral Getaway, please click the button below and send us an email with your information.


  • Maximum Nights Available: 3

  • Maximum Number of Guests: 2

  • No Smoking, Alcohol, or Other Substances Allowed on Premises

  • No Pets Allowed


What you need to bring:

  • Yourself

  • Appropriate Clothing for the Season

  • Your Bible

  • Food and Drink (no alcohol allowed on premises, groceries can be brought with you or purchased at the local market)



  • Fully Equipped Kitchen and Bath (Keurig Coffee Maker)

  • Bed, Couch, Dining Room Table/Chairs

  • Washer & Dryer

  • Heat & A/C

  • TV

  • Gas BBQ


Useful Websites:


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