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Dangers of CRT Woke Christians

I was recently asked, “Pastor what does Critical Race Theory (CRT) teach?” Steve Jordahl, a contributor to One News Now wrote, “CRT teaches that systemic racism exists in society because whites, who are inherently racist, have set up a system of oppression in the law, business, politics, and education that keeps whites in power and denies opportunities for minorities to succeed.” What CRT demands is reparations in the form of a reverse racial discrimination where white individuals are judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character, and equity, which is a reverse apartheid where a racial minority rules the white majority.

The facts of history and the obvious accomplishments and achievements of peoples of all races in America easily expose CRT’s false premises. It is true that there are more whites who hold more positions of power and influence in America (unless, of course, one looks at the National Football Association, National Basketball Association or Professional Baseball), but that is not the case because of a systemically racist culture. It is the simple fact that white people represent 54% of the population. Of course, according to CRT, doing the math is racist!

It is an incontrovertible fact that any natural born citizen, regardless of skin color, can be president. According to CRT proponents, however, the fact that one would look to facts to prove his point is “inherently racist.” CRT also claims that if a white individual declares him or herself to not be racist that is a clear sign that he or she is racist! False accusation, displaced aggression, hate, and false guilt are all the Devil’s tools.

Recent gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, a person of color (POC), pointed out that one of the issues that greatly affects the opportunities for those in the black community is the break-down of the nuclear family. He particularly highlighted the absence of a father in black homes as the main issue. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate and director of Urban Housing and Development in the Trump administration and who is also a POC, echoed the same sentiments. Recently, however, when Josh McDowell made similar observations, he, because of his whiteness, was summarily castigated.

A “Christian” college professor posted McDowell’s remarks on social media creating a feeding frenzy among the woke, race-baiting “Christian” crowd who demanded McDowell’s head on a platter. Sadly, McDowell capitulated and decided to step back from his ministry and speaking engagements to enter a season of “listening.” Another good ministry cancelled!

When one comes to Christ, he not only accepts Christ as Savior, but as Lord! What one believes, how he acts, his priorities and approaches all need to change. Christian apologist, Alex McFarland, declared, “The greatest problem we have is a systemic sin issue. We need to be preaching Critical Redemption Theory.” How true! As the old saying goes, “Christ is either Lord of all, or He is not Lord at all.” Woke Christianity is the equivalent to modern Nicolaitanism (i.e. something Christ hates. Rev 2:6). If one claims to be a Christian, it is incumbent upon him that he rejects worldly thinking and embraces a Biblical faith, politic, and world view.

- Pastor Gary Schlenz

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